Laser Hair Removal (IPL/SHR)

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We can offer virtually pain-free hair removal on most hair types and skin types I-V safely and with great results! As well as hair removal we can offer great results with skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, vascular and acne using our machine.

IPL/SHR(Intense Pulse Light/Super Hair Removal)
It is technology of permanent hair removal which is proving very successful. The system combines laser technology and the benefits of the pulsating light method achieving practically painless results. Even hairs which until now have been difficult or even impossible to be removed, can now be treated. "In motion" represents a breakthrough in permanent hair removal with light technology. The treatment is more pleasant than with the conventional systems and your skin is much better protected.

Hair Removal
Skin Rejuvenation
Age spots and Freckles

How Many Treatments are Necessary?
Since growth cycles vary, approximately 8 treatments are usually necessary.

What will I feel during treatment?
Treatment with SHR is practically painless, compared to treatment with conventional IPL devices. The sweeping technique of moving the applicator repeatedly over the treatment area gives full coverage while the MAX cooling system cools the skin surface, preventing superficial burns and allowing for virtually pain-free, yet hightly effective hair removal.

How are different hair & skin colours affected?
Although light skin with dark hair repsonds most favourably to the treatments, SHR technology also enables the successful treatment of dark skin, removing achromous fine hairs.

How long should the intervals between treatments be?
The hair growth cycle and the interval between treatments should correspond, requiring spacing of approximately 3-4 weeks.

Precautions to be taken before the treatment:
At least 1 week before the first treatment, intense sun exposure should be avoided.

Hairs should not be waxed or plucked less than 6 weeks before treatment. Shaving is permitted any time. Areas to be treated should ideally be shaved on day before the scheduled treatment.

If you are currently on the medication Ro-accutane or similar or have been in the past 6 months, please let us know before each treatment session. This medication can make your skin more susceptible to damage from the treatment.

Precautions to be taken after the treatment:
After your treatment, the area is cleansed and you can return to your normal activities immediately. Slight reddening and local swelling of the skin, similar to sunburn, may occur in some. These effects typically last no more than 24 hours.
The skin's natural protection is somewhat weakened after this intense light treatment. Therefore a high level of UV protection (30-50SPF)should be appled for about 1 week.
After 1-5 weeks hair will fall out. Shaving is possible any time but hair should not be plucked. Keep the area clean. Wash gently with tepid water. Avoid the use of any possible skin irritant on the face such as the stimulant creams (Retin-A, Retinova, Glycolic Cream), Benzoyl perioxide or astringents. If the area appears read or shows any signs of tenderness, apply a soothing cream. If you experience any persisten irritation or notice weeping, broken skin, blistering or pigmentation changes following the treatment please get in touch with us.


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