Beauty World Monthly Specials

Monthly Special for June

Don't like your Fuzzy face?

Book in for our Dermal blading and receive a FREE facial & lash tint for the month of June

What is Dermal blading?
It is used for exfoliating the surface layers of the skin and is an effective alternative to facial waxing. It is an effective form of manual exfoliation performed on the face. This non- invasive skin rejuvenation treatment is aimed at removing the outermost layer of skin cells, leaving the skin feeling smooth.

Who is doing Junk Free June?
We are!! We are all giving up on of our favourite foods for the month.
Jazz- Pies
Melissa- Hot Chocolate
Shayla- KFC
Alanah- Noodles
Keep up to date with our progress through the month on our facebook page; see if we really can give these up!

Beauty World Monthly Specials