Beauty World Facial Treatments

We use well known brands:
Image, Skin Juice, G&M Neurocosmedics, Nimue & Thalgo from France.

Launching our new skin care range late July

Skin Juice
Skin Juice is a unique, Australian-owned and made skin care range using energizing and bio-compatible ingredients to cleanse, balance, repair & hydrate the skin. These healthy formulations are free from artificial sweeteners, meaning Skin Juice Products will provide the skin with an essential diet for sustainable skin health.
Skin Juice is Base Around All Fruits of Nature.
Like the body, the skin needs certain nutrients, proteins, minerals, vitamins & essential fatty acids in order to survive & thrive. Therefore, Skin Juice has developed each product using ingredients that will nourish the skin in the same manner as a balanced diet nourishes the body.

After Thalgo face consultation step into a cocoon of wellbeing and experience award winning anti-aging treatments and Dare to defy time!
All Thalgo facials begin with marine immersion, ‘discovery of the sea massage’ to soothe away tensions and restore your sense of well-being. Our objective is to bring pleasure and beauty, in accordance with principles of protection and precaution necessary for our future.
Experience a great Thalgo facial today.

Beauty World Facial Treatments

Image skincare works at a cellular level in the Skin to achieve maximum results driven treatments. These Facial treatments use Glycolic, Lactic, Salicylic, Retinol, Peptides, Stem cells, Hyaluronic Acid as well as natural fruit enzymes to help you achieve the flawless, healthy looking Skin that you have always wanted. These facials are for you if you are looking for flawless Skin.

G&M Neurocosmedics
G&M – NEUROCOSMEDICSTM is based on the science of Neuro-Cosmetics (a trending skin science) that works on a cosmetic-medicine level to specifically counteract the two modern-day skin disruptors STRESS & NEUROAGING. The cosmedical action of the range is focused on SKIN RECOVERY AND NEUROAGING with the essential support of powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-pollutant and anti-aging actions.

The A.C.D philosophy is based on key cell actions required to protect and repair the skin and its critical cell-to-cell communications whilst supporting a corneotherapy commitment to the skin’s immunity and well-being.

A: The Four A’s focus on:
C: Prevention of Collagen Breakdown
Collagen & Elastin Synthesis
D: Cell Detoxi cation and Skin Barrier Repair
Detoxification & Cell Survival
Synthesis of the Vitamin D receptor and reinforcement of the skin barrier without sun exposure.

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