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Beauty & Wellness Supplements
To simplify supplementation and redefine ‘health’.

We don’t want to be just ‘another wellness company’. We know there’s more to life than shotting Apple Cider Vinegar and lathering ourselves in Coconut Oil every morning. But we also can’t deny the benefits of natural supplementation, so we came up with a way to have our cake, and eat it too (this is metaphorical and literal. Eat cake, it’s good for your soul).

So, we popped the good stuff of our fave natural ingredients into easy to take capsules, so you can get all the great benefits in a matter of minutes (no gag reflexes, or turmeric lattes required).

The ingredients we use have loads of proven benefits that make you feel like a freakin’ goddess on the daily. And it’s as easy as poppn’ a cap, or two.

Tonik 1 Coconut Oil Capsules$45.00
Tonik 1 Coconut Oil Capsules
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 Tonik 2 Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules$45.00
Tonik 2 Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules
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 Tonik 3 Curcumin Capsules$60.00
Tonik 3 Curcumin Capsules
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Tonik 4 Hemp Seed Oil Capsules$60.00
Tonik 4 Hemp Seed Oil Capsules
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